Thoughtsoftheday: Persistence and determination are the keys to success​

Konnichiwa minna! How is everyone? I do hope you are all doing well. Today is especially hot in this part of the world (33* C), so I feel like I am practically melting away.

Anyway, I came across an article on Entrepreneur a few days ago and was so impressed with the person who has faced so many failures and mistakes but still persisted to pushing forward with determination. In all honesty, it was a bit painful for me to read at first because I can somewhat relate to him a little. Although I have not experienced the level of soul-crushing failures Jack Ma has experienced, I am the type of person who still needs to try twice or three times as hard just to get average results. It makes me so frustrated.

However, when I read things like this it always gives me hope and allows me to remain persistent in trying to accomplish my goals and dreams. I then tend to think, “If this guy can do it, why can’t I?” I read this article just around the time I was becoming a little depressed and was briefly thinking of giving up. Yes. {sigh} Even I, Angie’s Inspiration, can feel a sense of hopelessness and need a little reminder to remain persistent and determined.

To those of you reading this blog post today and feel hopeless or like giving up, my message to you is: “Not to give up because only when you give up will you be a loser. No matter how many failures you experience, persistence and determination are the keys to your success!”

Please write your comments in the comment section below and let me know your thoughts. Have a nice day and take care. I will see you all again on Friday for my Writing Related Fridays blog post.

2 thoughts on “Thoughtsoftheday: Persistence and determination are the keys to success​

  1. I think we all have days when we want to give up, but only the determined and stong survive! I want to give up too, but I can’t me dreams are too big and my will is too stong to allow to give up. I refuse to leave this earth, with the “what if?” questions. So keep on pushing on girl!

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