WhatisAngieuptoMondays: On the radio

Over the weekend was quite productive if I do say so myself. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would know that on Friday evening I was given the opportunity to tryout as a co- host for the radio show Really? on Asylum Radio. Not to mention, the week before I was on the show Drinking Tea with Vee as a guest speaker talking about my upcoming children’s picture book, Baby Toucan. My personal friend of mine, Thoughts of Sol, also came along with me for moral support to which I am grateful.

There is a chance that after my first try out I could become the co-host on the show but we will have to see. Wish me luck! *Crossing fingers*

If you missed the show and would like to hear it, it is possible on the Asylum Radio website. If you liked the show so much that you want to download it, that is also possible.

See you all on Wednesday for my Thoughts of the Day Wednesdays.  Have a good day and take care.



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