Thoughtsoftheday: Show compassion, because we all know Karma can be a real bitch!

Hello, all. For quite some time I was thinking if I should keep or change my Opinionated Wednesdays posts to something else. After much thought about what to do with it, I decided on changing it to Thoughts of the day Wednesdays. Anyway, I came across this short film on Facebook starring Alicia Keys and immediately thought that I wanted to write a post about it.

My thoughts of the day this blessed Wednesday evening is: for more people to show compassion and understanding to our fellow man. We should try placing ourselves in other’s shoes instead of only seeing things from our own perspective and only thinking about ourselves. That is making a conscious decision to remain ignorant.

We have no idea how life could turn out for us. And if or when “shit hits the fan” in our respective lives we would have someone to show us a shred of compassion and lend us a helping hand when we need it. We should NEVER think ‘this could never happen to me (or us)’. Please have a look at the video below.


Author: Angie's Inspiration

My name is Angie Ignacio, I currently live in The Netherlands but I am originally from a very small five (5) square mile island in the Dutch Caribbean called Saba. I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, dancing, singing, watching anime and reading manga comics. I also enjoy listening to Asian (Japanese, Korean and sometimes Chinese) music. I am trying to learn the Japanese language since I am such a big fan of Japan. I am also a published author of two books a poetry book called I'm Only Human and children's picture book called Baby Toucan.

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