WritingRelatedFridays: A nameless poem by a good friend.

Hello, everyone. It is Friday and the end of another tiring week, once again! Oh, how the times fly…

Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I bring you a poem a good Dutch friend of mine wrote quite some time ago. He is by no means a poet but inspiration blessed him one day and he wrote this poem, that does not even have a title. 😛

Anyway, he suddenly asked me if I could post his poem on my blog and I agreed to his request. He is not a native English speaker, so please forgive him if you find some errors in the poem (I am a native English speaker and even I make mistakes, sad to say, lol). He would also like to know your thoughts on his one and only poem. Please drop a comment in the comment section below and let him know what you think. I am sure he would be quite happy to read them.

Take care and have a great day! 🙂

From the moment we are born,
When everything still feels warm,
We have no idea what joy or sorrow,
Will be coming at us tomorrow.

This is why we learn to try to predict.
Like a true die-hard addict.
To control our lives meticulous.
In the end just seems ridiculous.

Nothing is really set.
Things evolve like Russian roulette.
The chance of coming out as a winner.
Is just as big as ending as a sinner.

We try to win or have no loss.
We will sin to become the boss.
We will manipulate our mind
With every excuse, we can find.

This struggle is meant to stay alive,
To overcome and to survive.
To what cause is not realised
as long we call ourselves civilised.

On the job or in the pub
We are part of the survivals club.
As winners of millions of semen.
survival of the fittest is the real demon.

Instead of living in the now.
We always try somehow.
to improve our standards for next morning.
Knowing the end comes without warning.

Some people have found out.
Being in the now is what really counts.
Those people are called pacifists.
But really, they are the best strategists.

They have learned to look inside.
And trust the other guide.
Like Buddha and Gandhi.
they don’t need materialistic candy.

On bare feet, they will go.
To the future that they know.
The future they will not predict.
just accepting lives verdict.

And jealous may most people be.
on the moment that they see.
The pacifist looks calm in peace
being in the now is why they are pleased.

If only I knew how to become,
like free spirits and feel awesome,
Not owning anything but myself
Feeling free like I was twelve.

In fact, we need no control at all.
then we will see, in love we fall.
In love with everything, there is.
everything we need is here, so we don’t have to miss.

Just stop buying and stand still.
Stop killing and start free will
stop manipulating yourself
Enjoy the now on your own behalf

Working hard all night and day.
No energy is left to play.
To play the game of a satisfied life.
Work less, Have fun and still survive.

Written by Milko Lippe

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