What type of writer are you?

Hey everyone. I do not usually publish blog posts one after the other like this but today I came across this image and wanted to share. This tongue in cheek image below shows us the 6 types of writers there are.

Six types of Writer

If I were to choose from the six types of writers, I would say I am a little of The Weird Recluse type. This is because I can be very creative when I need to be but I am the type of writer that cannot really write if I am not secluded and in my own little world. Although, the part about not leaving the basement may be pushing it a little too far. 🙂

Drop a comment in the comment section below telling me what type of writer out of the six you think you may be. Or maybe your type is not listed here? It would be nice getting to learn a little about other writers.


2 thoughts on “What type of writer are you?

  1. I think I’m a mixture of three of those types, Angie. The Space Cadet, the Weird Recluse, and The Angry Young Man (though I’m only young at heart). Amazing the accuracy that can be found in humor, isn’t it?

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