I have really come to like Japanese (and some Korean) dramas

Hey everyone. How are you all? Today I am going to be writing just a short post about my new found interest in watching Japanese dramas and Korean movies respectively.

I am a little curious of how many of you all are interested in Asian dramas and movies (Japanese, Korean, Thai etc.)? Only recently have I started getting a real interest in watching Japanese and Korean dramas. I have watched a few Japanese, Korean and Thai dramas and movies in the past but I am an all loving anime fan and I do not really strayed far away from it. However, nowadays I find myself watching and listening to more and more Asian entertainment, most of which is Japanese and Korean.

When I tell my friends and my new acquaintances that I generally watch or listen to things not related at all to American entertain, I usually get a strange and confused look. As if they are silently asking me with their eyes “Why would you ever be interested in anything but American entertainment, especially when you are an English speaker?” Have any of you Asian entertainment fans ever experienced this? But YES, I do enjoy Japanese and Korean entertainment and I cannot tell you the last time I really watched any American entertainment. All I can truly say is that Asian entertainment is just as enjoyable as American television. Maybe even more so than not. You just probably have to get use to their kind of humour.

Anyway, on Saturday I decided to watch a Japanese drama series, Nobunaga Concerto, which is an adaption from the Nobunaga Concerto anime and manga series. If you are a person who are somewhat acquainted with Japanese manga, anime or dramas, somewhere along the line you must have come across the name Nobunaga. He is quite the renowned character in Japanese history. He was a warlord of the Oda Clan when Japan was not unified as it is now. Japan was separated into several states and these states were ruled over by various clansmen. During those times it was called the Warring States Era. Nobunaga was the man who had the dream of ending wars by unifying Japan and he went through hell and back to make that dream a reality. Before it was practically stolen from under him (because he was betrayed and killed by his own retainer) before he could fully complete his dream.

The drama pretty accurately follows the historical events that occur during Nobunaga’s reign. However, the story is not 100% non-fiction. The story starts off with a male high school student, Subaru, who gets thrown back in time to the warring states regime. When he first time travels to this foreign land he meets his doppelganger who is the real Nobunaga fleeing from his duties and out of harms way. So they end up trading places. Anyway, to make a long story short, Subaru, who pretends to be Nobunaga in the real Nobunaga’s stead, has to find his way in this new world and learn how to lead this clan members into a better future where everyone can smiling happily and will no longer have to suffer from the countless raging wars. In my opinion, a lot of wars could have been prevented if people back then did not betraying each other left right and centre; and if some of the good rulers were not swayed by evil, heartless people who were only looking out for themselves and not the well being of the people.

I enjoyed the series a lot and found it quite comedic and emotional at the same time. I would definitely recommend this drama for those of you interested in watching Japanese dramas. If you have not done so already.

Anyway, I hope you liked this post and I will see you all next time. Take care.

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