Why do people like to pick at every single thing the Obama’s do?

Hello everyone. Konnichiwa. Hallo. Hola. Welcome to my Opinionated Wednesdays. Today I wanted to briefly write about the Obama’s and how so many people seem to have a bone to pick with Obama and his family.

They seem to love trying to find even a grain of fault with the Obama’s. They try to pick at every minor thing Obama and his family does and then later try to justify their vile actions and words, because he is after all the “worst president ever” right? I have never seen a president and his family hated so much, simply for existing. They were hated from the moment they took their first steps into the White House to even now when they are almost about to leave. It is really astounding. Even though Obama and the first Lady, in my opinion, are the only pair that ever really tried to help improve America and its image portrayed to the rest of the world, but yet it is still not enough for some.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to bring up the Obamas as the topic for today is because I come across some videos on YouTube yesterday evening and just wanted to share my two cents on the matter, if I may. Please take a look at the videos below.

It is very shameful how people who are making distasteful comments about Malia are acting as if she is not just an ordinary teenage girl who wants to have fun like every other teenager. I wonder what all of these commentators making such vile comments were doing when they were 18? I can only imagine most of them were behaving and doing worse things then Malia.

If Obama and his family does something minor then the media and everyone goes berserk and are like: ‘Oh my GOSH! How DARE the Obama’s act like human beings’. Malia was still dressed and behaving a hell of lot better than I have seen of most 18 year olds her age. At 18, I probably did more embarrassing things then she has ever done in her entire 8 years living in the White House. Can people stop being ridiculous!

And let us be honest. No 18 year old wants to spend most of their time at any political function. Those functions can be really boring to most teenagers and adults alike. However, when Malia had attended almost all of the other political functions of her father’s, no one bats an eye or says anything. But, oh, she tries acting like any other 18 year old once in a while, she is called a ‘hood rat’. I especially do not like the use of the words hood rat and ghetto because those are usually racially charged words people like to use to refer to black people. How many times have you ever heard someone say that the name Mary, John, and Kim (or any other name besides a ‘black sounding’ name) are such “ghetto sounding names”? Yeah, I thought so…

On a side note, I wonder why no one brought up the previous presidents and their children’s behaviour? If you commentators want to talk about acting like hood rats maybe you should check there first before you make such unwarranted comments about the Obama’s.

In my opinion, the Obama and his family have been, by far, the most respectable presidential family I have ever seen. Yet they get the most hate and are the most scrutinized. If their hairstyle falls the wrong way they will be scrutinized. For the love of God people, get over yourselves! Worry about yourself and what your own children and family are doing that you probably may not know about.

2 thoughts on “Why do people like to pick at every single thing the Obama’s do?

  1. The microscopic analysis of every breath the Obamas take and every move they make is nothing new. Every President and First Family has been subjected to such scrutiny since the dawn of the 24 hour news cycle with the advent of CNN. The growth of social media has only made it worse. Imagine how bad it will be for the next President considering both candidates have more people who dislike them than like them.


    • Hello there. hank you very much for your comment. And I partly agree with you that, yes, it is true that every president has received some kind of scrutiny and now thanks to the rise of social media and whatnot it has gotten worse. But I believe 8 years ago or so, the social media etc. was not as it is now but even so the Obama’s had gotten more hate before and after entering the White House than any other president I know of. Yes, Trump and Hillary gets a lot of hate but, in my opinion, there is a real reason behind that hate. Obama and family was getting unwarranted hate for simply just being. They have been called monkeys, apes, and Ms. Michelle Obama has been called an unattractive man and many other names. And for what reason? I have never seen any other presidential family subjected to such things.

      Trump’s wife was practically a pinup model for Play Boy and have posed half naked for many pictures but yet she is called more classier than Michelle Obama. When Michelle Obama was wearing a sleeveless but completely body covered dress she was chastised and told her dress was inappropriate . But yet Trump’s wife is way more classier than Ms. Obama? Right…

      I’m not trying to rebuke your comment because I do partly agree with you, but I just personally think with the Obama’s people are just taking things way too far.


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