Rotterdam’s Summer Carnival

Hey all! How are you? How was your weekend? My weekend was spent going to my first Rotterdam Summer Carnival on Saturday. Though, I was not able to go to any of the other festivities that occurred during the Carnival week but thanks to some good friends of mine I was able to attend the last parade on Saturday and enjoy myself. Even with no money at hand. I guess, that is what you can call good friends. 🙂

Though, the Rotterdam Summer Carnival was like almost any other Carnival you might see, I wanted to go to the parade just for the fun and experience. For this might be my last year living in the Netherlands and I want to do as many things as I possibly could and experience as many things before I return to my small island. So I can tick that off of my list of things to do before I leave. Not to mention, on my island, Saba, Carnival was also being celebrated.

When I first got to Rotterdam, me and my friends properly prepped ourselves to the max, left the house at around 3 pm and caught the parade just in time. The parade was a lot of fun even when it occasionally rained. We walked from end of the parade to the next and I have to say that it was the first time in a while since I walked and stood on my legs for so long. So, by the time I returned home after 11pm, I was quite exhausted and drained.

Below are some pictures of the parade. I was not able to take my own pictures so I had to ask some friends for help with that. So right now, I am sending out a big ‘Thank You’ to my friends, Silox and Jayaira, for giving me permission to use these pictures for my blog.


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