Women getting killed for simply saying no…

Hola todos! Como estas con ustedes? I am doing alright, just dying from the heat a little. It is so damn humid over here on this side of the world.

Any…way. Today’s post is about how some men still do not seem to understand the meaning of ‘no’ when a woman tries turning them down politely and gently, because that woman ends up later getting shot and killed for it.

Back in the day men would have been able to ‘take it like a man’ as they say and go about their merry little way on to the next girl. Not anymore! Now you have men shooting women for turning them down or refusing to give them their phone numbers. Why?! Why resort to taking someone’s life instead of going to try somewhere else!? Do they not understand how precious life is? They are taking away the life of a mother, a wife, a daughter, and/ or sister. Anyway, you cannot even call such people men. They are foolish boys who throw a tantrum if they do not get their own way. Why do women have to give you their number when they do not want to, even when we are crystal clear about our intentions and say no!?

Not to mention, even telling some of these men you have a boyfriend or fiancé does not cut it anymore. Some months ago I also wrote about how women have resorted to fibbing in order to get men to leave them alone (read the post: The ‘I have a boyfriend’ lie). However, that did not work out too well for 27 year old Mary Spears who rejected a man after briefly explaining she had a fiancé already (which was in fact true). She later ended up getting shot and killed for it. The same goes for a 16 year old Connecticut girl, Maren Sanchez, who was stabbed to death for saying no to a boy who wanted to take her to junior prom; And also not forgetting the 29 year old Pittsburgh woman, Janese Talton-Jackson, turned down a date with man and was also shot and killed for it just early this year! How ridiculous and pitiful can these men be to resort to taking a life because of a simple rejection!

Now take a look at these men. They will not be getting any more phone numbers or going on any more dates for quite some time and all because of their stupidity. I too have never had a boyfriend and I have also been rejected a number of times, but do you see me going after my rejectors to shoot and kill for a reason as stupid as being rejected by them? This world is getting infested with too many entitled people.Who are you to tell someone they HAVE TO give you their number or that they HAVE TO go on a date with you or else? We humans are just becoming absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, this brings an end to my Opinionated Wednesdays blog post and I would like to very much hear your thoughts on the matter. So do not be afraid to drop a comment in the comment section below.


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