‘A Good Day’ by Kait Rokowski

Hello everyone… TGIF! How are you all this nice Saturday evening? I enjoyed it watching anime as per usual 😛

Anyway, I apologise for not posting yesterday so I’ll try to making up for it today. Today I am posting a poem I came across and found very interesting and heartfelt. The poem is called ‘A Good Day’ and was written by poet Kait Rokowski. She read this poem during a Button Poetry reading.

It may not have been the best poem, according to her, but it talks about depression and what she went through and felt as a depression sufferer. I believe it takes guts for a depression sufferer to talk about about their pain and depression to others (and in poetry form!). When I think about it, I can imagine it being hard for her to read her poem and practically baring her soul to the audience because not many people feel comfortable bringing up the topic of depression. Especially to total strangers. Not to mention some of the stigma that comes with having depression to which many sufferers face. I think she is a brave person.

Anyway, take a look at the short video believe and I would be happy to know what you all thought about the poem?

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