A North Sea Round Town Festival Performance by Vangelis Sopamena!

Hey y’all! Is everyone doing alright? The weather has been great lately especially considering how indecisiveness Dutch weather can be sometimes. 🙂

Anyway, Thursday evening I attended the performance of my good singer/ songwriter friend, Vangelis Sopamena, in the chillest and most relaxed lounge I have ever been in. The performance was in line with North Sea Round Town Festival that I briefly mentioned in one of my previous blog post (Exploring Rotterdam on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon) that has been taking place for the past few weeks in Rotterdam.

Well, I have to say that his performance was great and I am not at all saying this because I am his friend. In my personal opinion, he was almost always on key and did not miss a beat with any of his songs (although he can be somewhat of a perfectionist he might say differently 😛 ). Almost all of his songs were rhythmical and melodic that I could not help myself but sway along with the music.

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Honestly speaking though, I thought that he would have been just a bit nervous considering this was his first relevant performance. However, he proved me wrong. I was impressed by how well he really went into his performance. When I glanced at the audience  occasionally it seemed that most of them were really enjoying his performance as well.

I like most of Vangelis’ songs like one of my personal favourites Shy Boy and his really funky song Plaguin, which you can watch and listen to below.


Vangelis is quite a passionate singer and I would like to support him as best as I can as a blogger. So when you get the chance please show him some love and support by visiting and liking his Facebook page. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will see you all on Wednesday for my next blog post. Take care.

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