We only have one set of parents!

Hey all! As promised here is another blog post from me this week on this nice Wednesday evening. Today is my Opinionated Wednesdays and I wanted to talk about how some kids and teens and (sometimes even young adults) are willing to plot and kill their own parents for whatever reason. I am so baffled by how they can so easily kill their parent because they could not get their way and a lot of the time they have no remorse for their actions when they are caught. It truly saddens me when I read or hear such things. How could you murder your parent that helped to bring you into this world and raised you for most of your life?

After browsing through my twitter feed I came across a news article from the news media The Independent, about two twins brothers who repeatedly stabbed their 67 year old mother to death. The reason they stabbed her to death was because she tried to stop them from joining Isis. That alone was not enough for them so they went on to also attack their 73 year old father and their older brother. (For the full please story read here.) How can someone attack their own family like that for simple as a disagreement and argument? You only have those parents you were given!

This is also one of the reasons why I personally agree with corporate punishment (for certain kids) because kids nowadays are getting way out of control that it is ridiculous! Parents are now too scared to lay their hands on their children because of the prospect of their children being taken away from them by the government and child services. If they want to discipline their own children their only option now is taking away something that they like away from them such as their iPhone, Xbox, tablet and the like.

However, even doing this could prove dangerous and sometimes fatal for some parents who try to discipline their kids in this manner. Just like the 12 year old girl who unsuccessfully tried to kill her mother twice with bleach for again something as ridiculous taking away her iPhone. Take a look at the video below.

So you mean to tell me that a 12 year old CHILD was trying to take someone’s life for some technology? And not just anyone but her own mother, for something that is replaceable?! A phone you can always replace at any time but you can never replace your mother (or parents)! What is wrong with some of these youths and what is a 12 children being given an iPhone?! What is this world coming to?! This world has become so materialistic, despicable and has gone beyond saving that hearing these sorts of things make me not want to never step outside my house or even not want children anymore. It is damn scary!



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