My Weekend at a Book Publishing Seminar

Hello all. Are you doing well? Sorry for the late post for most of the day I was hanging out with a friend that I have not seen in a year and we were catching up. I did not expect for us to hang out together for as long as we did but it was really nice seeing her again after quite some time. Anyway, today is my All About Me Sundays and I just wanted to briefly talk about my experience after attending a book publishing seminar. 


In the weekend, Both on Friday and Sunday, I attended a book publishing seminar in Amsterdam. It was organised by a Canadian based publishing house, Black Book Publishers, that wanted to help teach aspiring and beginning authors how to earn a lot of money when publishing a book. They wanted authors to properly understanding the process that goes into writing and publishing a book as well as the business side of how to properly go about marketing your book to the masses. This is because most new authors and aspiring authors do not know the ins and outs and the process that goes into writing, publishing and marketing a book. Publishing is not all peaches and pie, especially if you self publish and do all of the marketing yourself. It was quite an informative weekend seminar where each day different topics and pointers were discussed by a Black Book representative speaker.

On Friday we were expected to come in at around 6 although the official time the seminar was supposed to begin was for 7 pm. At 6 people who attended got the opportunity to talk with other authors and aspiring authors that were thinking about publishing a book. I met and spoke with a nice Dutch lady almost as soon as came and we exchanged contact information.

Anyway, since it was the beginning of the seminar not too much information was given, as not to overwhelm us in such a short amount of time, I suppose, we were told what to expect for the next upcoming days. Friday we mostly talked about how important a person’s mindset was because a person could limit themselves and their potential from publishing a book because in their mindset they feel inferior to other well established authors for example.

On Saturday the seminar was on how to go about writing your book and what questions you should be asking yourself once you start writing. An example of these questions can be who do you want to target with your book (example: male/ female, children/ parents or a health geek etc.) and why as well as many more other important questions. Anyway, I cannot talk much about it because I did not get the chance to go to that seminar on Saturday due to some personal reasons.

On Sunday the Black Books speaker spoke about the entrepreneur and marketing side of being author and marketing yourself and your book to the media because being an author is almost the same as being a business person with a product. You need to be able to see yourself and your product to convince people to buy. It was such a nice experience to be a part of this seminar and I got some valuable information out of it that I am happy that I signed up for it a couple of weeks ago.The one thing I truly en about the seminar was the speaker’s ability be humorous and engaging with his audience.

Anyhooo, on Friday I was not able to get as many business cards and contact information as I would have liked but I made up for it in the end on Sunday during and after the seminar. I met some various nice and interesting people and managed to take some pictures (as you can see below) even though they may not be the best of quality, but oh well…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and I will see you all again on Wednesday for my next post. Take care. 🙂

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