Equal rights also includes equal slaps.

Hello friends, followers and readers! I am back to posting this nice Wednesday afternoon again.

Today is my Opinionated Wednesdays and I wanted to write a brief blog post about women who feel the need to slap men (and others) if they do get their way. However, once the slap is returned their feelings get hurt. Here is my suggestion to such women who do these sort of things: DO NOT GO AROUND SLAPPING OR HITTING OTHERS IF YOU CANNOT TAKE BACK THE SLAP OR HIT. If you can dish out you should also be able to take it. 

My question is why do some of these women feel the need to slap others? Regardless of that person getting slapped being a man or a woman, can the women not argue and be done with it? Instead of resorting to violence? Women… keep your HANDS to YOURSELF!

I guess others may also argue that this is a prime example of Female Privilege. Men are told from an early age that they are not supposed to hit a female not even in self defence. I personally think this is nonsense and disagree with it, because in the end women end up abusing them and they are not able to do anything able it is ridiculous. If a woman is bold enough and has the balls to lay her hands on someone, they should also have balls enough take it and not cry like they are the victim. I absolutely do not sympathise with women or anyone who play those types of games.

One thing I especially dislike is when women who always talk big about wanting to have equal rights as men but expect exceptions for certain things just because they are female. You want equal rights? Then, I believe that equal rights also include equal fights. No ands, ifs or buts. That, in my opinion, is also what equal rights signify. You want to be treated the right way and with respect then treat others the same way you want to be treated. Very simple, don’tchya think?

Anyway, here are some fun videos of girls and women getting their equal just desserts 🙂


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