Why do some women almost always attack the side chick?

Konnichiwa Minna! How are all you wonderful people doing? Today is my Opinionated Wednesdays and I wanted to write just a brief post about why some women feel the need to attack the side woman or mistress when the husband or boyfriend is just as much to blame as the the side chick for cheating on her? I do not get it? 

In my moderately short 26 years of of living, I’ve realised just how petty some women have become. Sure, in the past some women were always pretty petty but it feels like now the pettiness and the stupidity has quadrupled. I’ve been wondering this for a while but why do some women decide to attack the side chick/ mistress when their husband or boyfriend decides to cheat on them? It is the man’s (or woman’s) decision if he is willing to sleep with the side chick. The woman is not holding a gun to his head to sleep with her, now is she? He has a fully functioning brain to know what he’s doing as does the side chick.

Do not give me wrong, I am not trying to defend any side chick or mistress whatsoever but sometimes the woman (or man) in question does not even know the man is already in a relationship or married but yet you still want to attack this woman (or man)? In this situation I would feel bad for both women (or men) involved with the cheating bastard.

It is one thing to slap the side chick but to go out and fully attack and beat down another person?… Now that is abuse of another human being! And I do not care if you are a side chick or not. You just do not attack someone if you know damn well you would not like someone coming up to your face and attacking you for no real reason when your boyfriend/husband is just as much to blame. If your husband or boyfriend really respected you and your relationship/ marriage he would not have cheated. As simple as that! And as for the woman attacking the side chick goes to show just how much self respect she has for herself. Especially if she decides to stay with the said person who cheated on her. If he can cheat once he can sure as hell cheat again. What will you do then? Attack every side chick that you find out he comes across? How ignorant can you be?!

I will never respect a woman (or man) who deliberately attacks another woman (or man) nor will I ever take her seriously. Take these videos  below for example…

With things like these women are only going to be seen as ‘ratchet’ and no one will want anything to do with them. How sad. How pitiful can they get? If I were ever in these women shoes I would not try to lower myself to their level and hold my head high and continue walking on.

If a man (or a woman) wants to cheat on a woman (or a man) he will cheat! It does not matter if the woman is beautiful, intelligent, his soul mate, the ideal and perfect woman or whatever. If he wants to cheat he is going to no matter how much the wife or girlfriend beats up on the side woman, who she may want to believe is the cause of the problem. The best the woman can do for herself is get out of that relationship and leave his sorry a**. Find someone better, that will treat her with respect and not cheat on her for that momentary pleasure. Do not lower yourself to their level!


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