Happy Father’s Day!

Hello everyone. How are you all again? I am fine. As I type I am talking to my parents over Skype on this Father’s Day and wishing my own father a Happy Father’s Day. I hope all the fathers out there have enjoyed this special day that is dedicated to them because they too help to bring a child into this world and help raise it alongside the mother. Yes, they are  very important too. 

Anyway, I would also like to share something that I usually do not share on my blog, which is the food I make. Whenever I enter the kitchen I like to do experiments. I almost always do an experiment and in many cases the food I make come out really good and beyond my expectations or… they do not come out the way I was expecting it to at all, (>.<) . So the dinner I made today was experiment number… I actually don’t really know what number this experiment makes, but whatever, it tasted great to say the least. I made vegetable stir fry seafood mix with white rice and plantain. Here is are some picture both in aerial and side view. 😛 ->


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