Much condolences to the LGBT community

Hey all! For the past few days I have come been down with the cold and was pretty much sick like a dog that I could barely get out of bed. However, today I’m feeling a lot better, (Thank Goodness!) compared to the other days although I still have a constant cough that has made my throat feel raw.

Anyway, on Tuesday I was just browsing through my Twitter news feed on my kindle and saw the news of what happened in Orlando. My condolences goes out to the LGBT community, even though there are fools like Donald Trump and others who think otherwise and tries to disregard that by saying it is a terrorist attack.Talk about calling the sky pink when in fact it’s blue… They will do anything to push their own agenda and promote Islamophobia as much as they can. How many times have other religions have bludgeoned, shunned or injured/ wounded LGBT people for the sake of their faith and God or because they just do not like them for their sexuality? But yet we choose to focus on the fact that the shooter this time was probably a Muslim or has connections  to ISIS. Hah, how predictable is that!

There are enough Christians who have done this in the name of Christ and this is coming from a fellow Christian myself. Would the media also call those Christians terrorists if it were the other way around? The one thing I despise is how selective some people can be when it comes to facts and what they want to believe. Just as there are people who are selective in what scriptures they want to take out and promote from the bible to push their own agendas.

It is clear as day that this was an attack on the Gay community because who goes into a GAY club and shoots up the place if it is not premeditated and planned out. In my opinion, it was clear that the shooter was prejudiced against the gay community and wanted to ‘punish‘ those people who went against society and the laws of nature. My problem with those kind of ignorant fools is if they do not like what they see, such as kissing, holding hands or showing any other form of affection to a loved one by the LGBT community then should just:

1. Close their eyes,

2. Turn their head away,

3. Ignore or

4. Lock themselves away in their homes. This is because it is going to continue either they like it or not.

Why the hell do people resort to killing and violence?! Would anyone like to get shot at when they are try to enjoy themselves by getting their groove on and just enjoy the simple fact of being alive? I do not think so! So why do it to others? Gay, Straight, Bi or Trans everyone wants to love and be loved! Why deny someone that right when you ( and other straight people) get a free pass? What makes being straight so special anyway? Just because you can have children? Oh please! In my opinion, that has become so overrated now that it’s not even funny anymore. Why can’t people just seem to live and let live? Bigots and prejudiced people should stop making things that have nothing to do with them their problem! The world would be an oh so much better place if they just minded their own damn business.

Ps. People should also take a look at this video, it is gold! Politicians and news reporters are blaming terrorism for this shooting when they should be focusing on gun control over there. I agree with Trevor 100%, yet I doubt some Americans are not going to take heed and the number count of dead bodies will continue to rise…

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