Saturday’s Anime con

Hello everyone! Just like I did last year I just wanted to post my most recent experience at an anime convention at the World Forum in The Hague. I started my day off at 6.30 in the morning. Yes, you heard right! I woke up 6.30 on a Saturday morning which was the first time I ever woke up so early on a Saturday morning. I was amazed. Anyway, I began to get ready to go to the convention about around almost 12. I prepared sandwiches, some fruit and drinks because I was money-less and was not able to buy anything. Besides, I only had 3 euros in my pocket and the food and snacks at the anime convention is usually very expensive, so a few euros would have definitely not been able to sustain me for the whole day at the convention. No way.

Later, when I left the house and walked 1/3 of the way (just before trying to catch a bus) to the convention, I checked my bag to make sure I had my printed registration form just to discover the it was not in my bag. It was still in my folder that I left it in the day before after printing it. After preparing my bag with all of my things I might need for that day I ended up forgetting the most important thing. I was quite vexed about it because some days I can be so absentminded and it can somewhat be frustrating to say the least, lol. 😛 Oh well. (It does not help either that at the convention I also ended up losing my phone, which is a big, masculine and a gadget looking phone, a couples of hours after getting to the convention. I fortunately found it again at the lost and found desk by the registration area. Thank God.) So I had to return home to pick it up and by the time I reached the convention it was already almost 1 o’clock.

Later, when I arrived at the convention I scanned myself in, picked up a small hand booklet that showed important information as well as the different programmes and activities that the convention provided and marked down which one interested me most and which one I wanted to attend so that I could bring some sense of order. However, not much came out from doing that because in the end I ended up doing whatever I wanted to do anyway.

Anyway, because I went to the same anime convention last year there were a lot of things that remained the same in the building. So, I was able to find my way much easily compared to the first time, but there were still a lot of things that were different too. For example when signing in I needed to sign in through scanning my printed registration’s bar code. As well as some of the set-up within the building was a little different and there were way more food stalls then there was last year which made me a little sad because I could not really afford anything.

I enjoyed watching the anime, manga, a gaming fans (otakus) cosplay in their favourite character. I would like to  one day try out cos playing but that can end up costing a lot of money. Money that I especially do not have. But I can certainly enjoy watching others cosplay, can’t I? You might be wondering if I don’t have any money how am I able to attend an anime convention? Well, actually it is a simple answer. I bought the Saturday thicket for this anime-con at least 2 weeks ago

After walking around the convention and trying to take a few (I apologise for the low quality) pictures I went to the Karaoke area where I sang and listed to other fans sing anime themed songs as well as sing regular songs. There were actually some great singers there. Later, I went to briefly watch an anime film in a room that was situated  nearby the karaoke area and for some time I went back and fort between the karaoke and watching anime.

Afterwards, I went to the Game Room to try my hand in playing some games but since I have not really played any games since my childhood, I really sucked at it. I felt like an elderly woman getting introduced to modern gaming and technology. I guess modern technology had already left me a long time ago. I wondered if this is how most parents felt like when there kids are a wiz at modern technology and they struggle to do the simplest of things?


After trying my hand in playing some games, I got ready to line up and wait for the concert that was supposed to start at 9 pm by the band called ‘FripSide’ because it was a first come first to enter and once the concert hall was filled no one else was allowed to enter afterwards. Anyway the concert was supposed to start at 9 pm but due to the singer trying get ready there was quite a delay which was very disappointing. We had to wait for at least 45 minutes before the show began. I ended up not staying for too long because there were some things I wanted to do before I had to get ready to go catch the bus for 12 to return home.

Anyway, despite the delay the concert was still nice and I was impressed with how much my Japanese has improved since I first started learning the language. The singer and her partner were speaking in Japanese to the audience because my guess is that they could not speak any English, so they spoke in Japanese. I would say I understood at least half of what was being said which in my opinion is not bad at all. In the beginning the female mentioned that she wore an orange dress during the concert because it was the representation of Holland’s national colour. Later her band partner who I think controls the beat of the music played, asked where did some of the audience came from and he went about listing some countries like Holland, Germany, France, Italy etc. So I was kind of proud of myself for understand that little bit that they were saying. Before I doubt I would have even have been able to understand that much. So there is progress in my learning, although slowly but surely.

No one was allowed to take any pictures in the concert and if someone disobeyed the rules and were caught they would be banned from the concert. So, I was unable to take any pictures during the concert.

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