We are all connected!

Hey all. How are you all doing? Lately I have been posting only once a week. I know… I have become a little bit lazy. 😛 But I’ll try to clean up my act and start back up with posting three times a week. Just be patient a little with me, please. 🙂

Anyway, recently when I was browsing through my Facebook news-feed I came across this interesting video that I wanted to share. It is about people from all walks of life, nationality and religion having their DNA tested to see where they have come from because many people do not think of questioning their heritage. Many people think they know where their roots are and where they came from but the DNA test done on them proves them wrong.

Though, before the DNA test is done, they are asked various questions such as their patriotism for their country, their beliefs, which country or religion they dislike and many more questions to divulge what kind of person they are I guess, and have that be compared to their DNA results.

As you can imagine I found this video quite interesting to say the least. That is because no matter how much we hate another country and it’s people or no matter how much we hate a certain religion and the people who practice that religion we never truly know where our heritage and roots lie. For all we know one of our ancestors came from that same country you hate or may have practiced that same religion you despise.

For example like the woman in the video who disliked Turkish people, she ended up finding out from her DNA results that she had some Turkish blood running through her veins. She also discovered that she had a cousin in the room with her that she had no idea about. How amazing is that! Another example is the man who who was certain he was British/ English and did not particularly like the Germans, later found out after the DNA results came in that he was in fact 25% German. Who would have thought? We do not know where we came from but we are connected in ways we are not aware of as yet. So, with this why do we not stop killing and hating each other? Although that is wishful thinking.


We humans have come such a long way and in the time our gene pool has become mixed up so much that we are not 100% anything anymore. People who still believe that they are 100% anything should have their heads’ checked. Even with the message of this video staring you full in the face there were still some commentators on Facebook who made ridiculous comments. The message just went over their heads and they seemed proud of it. How shameful.

Anyway, the main point of this article was to emphasize that we are all connected somehow one way or another. Just like the feature image of this post suggests. A dandelion pollen has individual pollen parts and they scatter  away when it is blown. But before it is blown, isn’t the individual parts connected together by the stem?

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