Who you know vs. what you know

Hello everyone. How are you all? A close friend of mine and I would occasionally talk about how in this day and age it is all about who you know and not what you know. So today I wanted to make a brief post about the disadvantages of networking since we are only hearing the positives and advantages of networking.

From the first day I started college I have been told that having the right network is very important etc. etc. That is all fine and well because I also think having a good network is great but to a certain extent. When you get down to the nitty gritty of it all, a person must still be determined to do the job and must also have a certain level of competence to do the job. Or it defeats the purpose of networking, doesn’t it? 

There are many people who have a great network and know who to contact, but they do not have the qualifications nor the competence to know what they are doing while a person who has the qualification and the knowledge of the job goes through hell and back just to find a job.


For example, a personal friend of mine who has already obtained both her Bachelors and Masters Degree, is quite intelligent and has good critical thinking skills and has completed her studies several months ago but has still not found a job no matter how many times she has applied. Of course, I am aware that a lot of factors play a role in her not finding a job but I believe having the ‘right network’ may also be the cause of her not finding a job. Of course she has a network but sometimes that may not even be good enough. While she is still applying and waiting to find a job another person who has the outstanding connections and network but is not as knowledgeable and competent gets the job. Is that right? Personally, I do not think that is. As I mentioned before, it defeats the purpose.

Also, I remember some time ago someone telling me about the regrets their previous employer had due to networking/ connections. She tells me how her previous employer acquired an employee via a person who worked at the company. However, when the time came for that person to get the job done the employer regretted ever hiring them because they were not competent for the job and was only there via their network.

Networking is really good to a certain degree but if it has become more important to have great connections over having the determination, knowledge/ competence and a qualifications for the job than it would not make sense to get an education or have any intelligence in the first place. Schools might as well just teach people how to acquire the right networks, if networking has defeated the purpose of actually getting the job done.

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