Why does society ridicule men when they experience domestic violence?

Hello all. It was a nice sunny day earlier today although I spend the whole day in my room, but oh well. I just wanted to write a brief post about how men who are sexually abused or experience domestic violence are ridiculed for this even though this can probably happen to anyone.

Many cases when men are sexually or domestically abused they are practically left to themselves to suffer alone. They are so ashamed  to mention this to anyone and that these sort of things are never brought to light. The men who experience these things continue to feel ashamed and lonely with no way to express themselves because of fear of being ridiculed. Why is that?

male domestic violence.

Wake up people!! Women are not the only ones who experience abuse or rape! However, whenever you see an advertisement regarding sexually or domestically abused victims they are almost 100% of the time depicting weak females who can’t protect themselves being attacked. You never see a man as the main focus of these advertisements. Why is that?

I even briefly watched a video of a man who was brave enough to admit he was domestically abused on national television but guess what? The entire audience laughed at him and made fun of him! Now you will never see something like that being done if it were a woman. And violence against men  is continuing to rise because it is an issue that no one seems to be taking seriously because of the perceived notion that all men are supposed to be macho and strong which is not always the case. Women can also be conniving and abusive bastards too.  There are some instances where the abuse gets so bad that it leads to serious injury or even death.

male domestic violence

These kinds of things reinforces the notion that all men are or must be macho big men or if they are not they are pansies. How ridiculous is that? There is also the general unspoken agreement that men do not cry or are not supposed to cry which is another dumb notion in itself. When boys reach a certain age they are told not to cry because ‘they are not girls’. As if girls are the only ones that cry. When a child is born either boy or girl, they both cry. But then later society comes in screws with our perception of what it means to be a woman or a man.

It disgusts me when people make fun of men who are abused. Men are human just like anyone else which means they can get hurt and abused the same as everyone else too.

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