Today marks 1 year since I started Angie’s Inspiration!

Hey, all! How are you? I just wanted to write a brief post about how today makes exactly one year since I started up my blog and decided to go ahead with my ‘brand name’ Angie’s Inspiration.

One year Anniversary

Though the first year can be seen as a long time to continue to manage something. They usually say the first year is the hardest but the time I spent trying to properly create and promote my blog and brand seemed to go by so fast that even I can hardly believe it. I hope that you all who continue to visit and read the content on my blog also enjoy and get a kick out of it. I hope that you keep on coming over to my blog now and in the future.

To commemorate this day I wanted to post another one of my poems from my poetry book I’m Only Human called ‘Who am I’? I hope you enjoy it.

Who am I.

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