I volunteered at the TedxBinnenhof.


Hey there. Today I wanted to briefly write about my experience volunteering at the TedxBinnenhof on Thursday. Tedx is not the same as Ted, but actually an independently organised Ted event, hence the x.

Anyway, this was my first time attending any Tedx events and I must say it was a really nice experience. I was part of the Communication’s team and helped out in many tasks alongside the other volunteers.

Our first task of the day was sorting and stapling several sheets of paper together for the press and guests that would be arriving later that day. Afterwards, myself and four others from the communications team were asked to help guide the guests to where they needed to be. Following this task at around 2 pm we helped contribute to the TedxBinnenhof’s social media and blog by taking pictures and writing down quotes from the speakers and sending it all to the Whats-app group we were added to days in advance. In order to grasp what the audience thought about the event we also asked some guests about their expectations and later what they thought about the speakers’ innovative ideas.

The general theme of TedxBinnenhof wasabout  innovation and the speakers who spoke on Thursday all came from European countries as hand picked representatives chosen by their country to present their innovative ideas. Honestly they all had very interesting ideas.

I was quite impressed by  Lorenzo Pradella’s innovative idea and what he calls the GreenBone which makes use of Bamboos to replace bone in case of an amputation or other medical conditions that required bone replacement. Basically, it is a wood-derived bone implant. It was quite unique. Who would have thought? I would have never thought of something like that.

I also especially enjoyed the speaker, Michael Hermansson, from Sweden with his talk on making “school become cool” by changing the way how we go about it. I liked how he was witty and made a few jokes to lighten the mood. The people in attendance would probably agreed with me that his speech had the most impact on them because as he finished his speech and stepped down he was given the most vigorous round of applause. And receiving such an applause speaks volumes in and of itself. Although that is not to say the others were no good because they were. In the end everyone was great. If you would like to see more from the Tedx speakers that spoke that day you can find the rest of their videos here.

Later that day when all of the Ted talks were over we changed venues to where they had somewhat of a formal after-party with free drinks, food and entertainment for the invited guests and those who helped make the Tedx event possible. At the beginning of the day we were given paper wrist bands in order for us to move around freely considering this was an invited only event.

The communications team also took a photo together as you can see below before we bid our farewells to each other.Ce5lPhnWsAAt2NY

I spoke to a few people that night and I gave out a few of my business cards as well to which I received some compliments about how professional they looked. *blush* Anyway, that day I arrived at a little past ten in the morning and left at around 10.30 at night. So, you can imagine how tired I was at the end of the day after standing on my feet for more or less 12 hours.

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