Muslims vs The West? Or just propaganda.

Hello everyone. How are you? Another week and I bring you another opinionated post.

*Although late* In response to the attack that occurred in Belgium last week I  want to send out my condolences to all of the family and friends of the victims that unfortunately got caught in the blast. I would also like to send out prayers to the family and friends of the 14 women and 2 girls who were abducted by the Boko Haram in Nigeria also last week. I would also like to send my condolences to the 86 Nigerians that were burned alive by the Boko Haram (many whom were children) in late January. As well as the many other Muslim victims killed in these senseless violence but unfortunately did not make in the news because they did not fit in with the media’s Muslims vs. West theme and propaganda. And it is amazing how many of the people are so easily swallowing this propaganda with not so much as questioning what they are ingesting.

Then we have fools like Donald Trump who spew nothing but hate and people still follow him… I just do not get that? Some Americans have everything in the world to say and bad-talk about Obama but can you tell me one positive thing Trump has done or said in the past or present that would make you think he would be a good president? He is also claiming that the Muslim mosques need to be studied… Why not study Christian churches and for that matter every religious venue? Why not study all religions and their place of worship?

Also,  Trump has this “ingenious” (what I really mean is the dumbest) idea of building a wall around the US… Well, I do not know how he will manage that considering the size of the country, but go right ahead Trump. (It’ll be just like the Berlin Wall back in the day.) However, keep in mind that your chances of being attacked by a fellow American is probably much higher than a being harmed by a Muslim after all there is not really much regulation on gun control and it is one of the leading causes of deaths in the US among young Americans.

Anyway, people tend to forget that Muslims ARE mostly the victims of these attacks and have been victims for many, many years and almost on a daily basis. So can you still look me straight in the eye and tell me this is a Muslims vs. The West threat? No, it is not a Muslim vs. The West threat! Muslims are just as much as victims, even more so, than the west. It is EXTREMISTS vs the West! Get it straight!

Don’t tell me you forgot that Christians were once also just like them? And this is coming from a fellow Christian. Even if you would like to retort that it happened so many years ago the fact is, it still HAPPENED. So get off of your high horse.  The Crusades still happened and anyone who did not believe in Christianity in that time or refused to convert were mercilessly killed. I am sure every religion has its dirty past and  piece of dirty laundry no one wants to remember. Instead of worrying about them versus us we must first focus on the extremists who are doing the violent killings. Not ostracizing  and hating on innocent people who’s only crime is believing in the same religion.

Religion does not make people kill. People will kill either there is religion or not. Religion is just the perfect scapegoat for them to do their evil.

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