Sakasama no Patema (Patema Inverted)

Hello all. How are you? Today I just wanted to briefly talk about an interesting anime movie I  watched the week before called Sakasama no Patema or  Patema Inverted in English.

When watching this movie, as fun as it is to watch, it will make you sit down and think. In my opinion, the moral of the story is we don not truly know what a person is going through until we are placed in their shoes. We all think we can understand what someone else is going through or is thinking when in fact we do not really know anything until we are placed in the same position they are in. We can never truly understand without experiencing it for ourselves. At least that was the case for me when I watched this movie. Take a look at the trailer below.

It was a really nice and must- watch movie. If you watched the trailer you would understand that though these people live in the same world but because of certain circumstances that occurred (experiment gone wrong) it caused some people to become inverted. This proved to be a problem and so these people decided to live underground, because if we are honest who would feel comfortable floating upside-down and towards the sky? I would be crazy scared too!

So, now these people have made their peaceful living underground and formed their own little community. They lived their lives and did not interfere with the people above, who they thought were the inverted ones. The funny thing about this movie is that the people living above, the ‘normal’ people, would discriminate against these inverted people. They would even go as far as try eradicating them.They would call them sinners even though their inversion was something they could not control and out of their power. They could not help that they were inverted. They thought they were just as normal as everyone else. The people living above ground discriminated without knowing that they  too would be in the same position if they were to enter into their underground world/ community.

It reminds me of how we are in reality. How we want to hate and discriminate against people of different races, religions, cultures etc. and how we sometimes end up using violence to further enforce what we consider ideal. So, the next time you want to watch a good movie give this movie a try. Take care and have a nice upcoming week.

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