Happy Birthday to me!

Hello everyone. So sorry for the late post but how are you? I am doing well after all it is my birthday (Well was my birthday, lol) ! Yay! I’ve made the big 2 6. Although the day is practically over I wanted to write just a short post.

Yesterday evening I received by first birthday gift from technically a roommate who I became friends with about just two weeks ago. She bought a variety of cakes since she didn’t know what I would like and brought them on a plate to my room. It was so nice of her. I was/am grateful.


Then, I slept long and enjoyed the rest of my day very quietly and peacefully. Actually, I didn’t do much but hang around my room, I even talked to a good friend of mine on Skype for over 5 hours, ordered take-out wok and afterwards talked to my parents for a little. It was very quietly spent. Just how I like it.

Well, tomorrow I will be hanging out with my friend and going to the movies with her and having dinner with her later. So, it will be my day later birthday celebration. So it’s all good. 🙂 Have a nice day.

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