A spur of the moment Inspiration

Hey, everyone! Though I do not usually write blog posts on Sunday’s too often, I decided to write one today because I wanted to show instead of tell you all of a spur of the moment inspiration I had yesterday evening.

Did you know I used to draw back when I still lived on Saba? I used to draw/ sketch clothing designs and if I do say so myself, I was actually pretty good. Not perfect but good. I even thought of a clothing line brand name back then. However, after I came to the Netherlands I have not touched a single pencil or pen to draw anything. So, it would not come much of a surprise to me if I sucked at trying to draw something now after more than 5 years of not drawing.

Though the sketch I drew yesterday was not perfect, I am quite proud of it because it is something I drew (in pen, mind you) after so many years. And to be able to still partially have my drawing/ sketching ability, though not up to par compared to the past, I am still very proud of my work regardless. Honestly, I am proud of all my work and all that I do.

I drew this late yesterday evening and was not sure if I should post this on my blog to show my readers and followers or not, but decided to do it anyway, lol. I hope you all like it. Though, I am very far removed to even be considered as a fashionista or trendy, but if you could, please let me know what you think of my clothing design/ sketcing in the comment section below. Thanks and have a great day.

IMG_20160313_235524 (2).jpg

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