Woman saved thanks to hitmen’s principles

Hello everyone. Good evening. How was your Wednesday? Oh, by the way happy belated Women’s Day to all you fine women out there. 😉 Hope you all spent it well.

Anyway, some weeks ago I came across a BBC news article about an African woman who now lives in Australia, whose life was spared thanks to the hitmen’s morals. I became quite curious after reading a headline like that.

Apparently, the story goes that this woman returned to her motherland, Africa, because her mother passed away. While she was in her hotel room talking to her husband he suggested for her to take some fresh air outside to calm her nerves because she was still shaken up about her mother’s passing. And then as she did so the hitmen were  waiting right outside her door, covered her head and took her in their car to their hideout. Read the full story to get further details.

Later, they explain to her the situation and what could happen to her. As it turns out own her husband is the one that hired these men to kill his own wife, who by the way have eight (8) children with three being his own. So he was willing to put all her children to become motherless for whatever reason. What a bastard, scum!

At first she did not believe the men which I can somewhat understand, because honestly who in their right minds wants to hear that the person they fell in love with hired hitmen to kill them off? I do not think anyone would like to hear something like that coming from total strangers. However, in an interview she admitted that her husband was indeed violent but never thought he would be willing to go as far as to kill her, which was dumb on her part. In the first place, do not underestimate the boundaries of a person who lays their hands on you.

Anyway, she didn’t believe them until they called her husband and she heard his voice. They told him that they had his wife in their hideout and asked him what he wanted them to do with her. Her husband immediately told them to kill her. Of course, she was shocked. No doubt about that. However, they decided to give her a chance and left her go after a few days because apparently it was not their principle to kill women and children. The husband already paid them off anyway, so they had no worries about payment.

To make a long story short after the husband’s attempt came to light he told her that he thought she was cheating on him. Yes, so instead of  telling her about your suspicions or finding out first to see if it’s true or not, you decide to try and kill her and when she later finds out about it only then do you want to act remorseful and cry? Rigghhtt… I do not buy that nonsense for a second. You would be a fool to believe such lies. He is only remorseful now because he was caught.

Anyway, the thing that annoyed me the most from this article, though, is the fact that the African community where she lives (in Melbourne, Australia) decides to ostracise her because they blame her for her husband’s conviction! Can I say what the hell?! So her husband who just tried to kill her is supposed to go scott-free while she has  to just sit quiet and accept him back without making him pay for his transgressions? Are you kidding me? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Not to mention if he had really gotten away with his crime all 8 of her children would be motherless! I say what a set of fools! If you are willing to defend a would be (indirect) killer than you are a no better human being yourself.

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