Historical women stories that are rarely told

Hey there, everyone. How is or was your Wednesday? I am doing well as per usual.

Anyway, I came across a video and article yesterday and I wanted to write a brief post about it today. Why are women in history and even in the present constantly looked down on as lesser than, even though women have made enough contributions to society and our current way of life to deserve a little recognition. Instead their stores and history are swept under the rug or have been put in the back burner compared to their male counterparts.

Please take a look at the video link below to see how a short experiment (though I am not sure if I can really call it an experiment) was conducted, where regular British people walking on the streets of Britain were asked to name at least 3 famous men and women in history. They were also asked to name some of the historical women whose portraits were shown to them. Of course everyone could mention historical men from the top of their head with no problem at all whatsoever, but ask them to mention a woman and they had problems naming at least one.


Even I will be honest and say that I too would have had a problem naming historical women because we live in world where society does not really recognise women’s hard work but yet wants to criticise us and put us in line… simply because of the fact that we are women. What utter nonsense! If we were told stories about famous women as much as we are told stories over and over about famous men don’t you think the world would be a better place? Give the same recognition to whom recognition is due.

I get so annoyed every time I read up on these things and discover how yet AGAIN another woman in history deeds are forgotten or creditted to a male because society refuses to accept, even now, that women have done and can do great things. WE WOMEN ARE NOT JUST BABY MAKING MACHINES AND HOUSEWIVES WHO MAKE YOU SANDWICHES! Geesh!

For example did you know that the first person to ever invent the dish washer was actually a woman? And her name was Josephine Cochrane. I bet you didn’t know that? Neither did I! Yet most of us (not me) use this machine almost every day to wash our dishes. Also, did you know that the first user friendly business software was invented by a woman, Dr. Grace Murray Hopper? Nope? Neither did I! Imagine if it weren’t for her how would we be able to use the computer as we do now? She laid the foundation! There were even female soldiers who fought in the war disguised as men (some even later went on to become generals) because women back then were not allowed to enlist.

There are so many things that you would be surprised to find out that women did or invented. Yet society wants to continue brainwashing women into believing that the sciences and business matters etc. are too highly intellectual or stressful (physically or mentally) for us to accomplish. Society continues trying to suggest that women are weak and feeble beings whose only purpose is to marry, make babies and tend to the household. Uhhhh… Rigghhtt….

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