Acid attacks

Hey ya’ll! What’s crackin’? It is another Opinionated Wednesday and today I would like to briefly discuss a topic I don’t see many people talking about out loud, acid attacks. Or maybe I could be wrong? *shrug*

Anyway, a few weeks ago I came across a BBC article which talked about a  man who was dowsed in the face with acid when he opened his front door after hearing the doorbell ring. How horrifying is that!? He was so horrified with his appearance after the attack that he wanted to protect his toddler son and stayed away for 2 months. How he managed that staying in the same house, we’ll never know but why are people now going so far as disfiguring another person? Why!? Would you like someone to disfigure your face? Then why are you doing it to others? Even though this was a mistaken identity attack that is besides the point. Now a person will spend the rest of their life with their disfigured face or body. Unless you have the money to take surgery after surgery to fix some of the disfigurement which not many people have.

Just imagine one minute you are minding your business, doing whatever you’re doing and then the next minute having acid thrown on you and experiencing excruciating pain from having your skin melt from the acid!? It’s horrifying!

What is even more horrifying is the fact that the number of acid attacks being committed is growing day by day in many parts of the world. These acid attacks are becoming more common worldwide than we may think and that especially rings true for India where young women especially are attacked in the face with acid by men they have rejected or are jealous, or men who want to dominate them (women). Other times acid attack occurs when a woman stands up for herself saying she will go to the police if she is continues to be harassed by men. And of course, the men don’t like that a woman thinks she can stand up to him (them). That’s a kick to their overgrown egos. And the sad thing about it is that not much or nothing at all is done to protect these women or no (harsh) punishments are handed out to the perpetrators. They just go about living their lives without a care in the world while these women will forever be disfigured. It’s really sad.

If I were ever dowsed in acid ( I pray to God I don’t ever experience something like that) I will HUNT down the bastard(s) who committed the crime and believe you me, I would seriously make them SUFFER… nice and slowly. By the time I’m done with them there will not be anything left of them. And later I would take myself to the police station after I’m done.

Dowsing someone with acid is despicable and low. If only the men and women who do such things had the same thing done back to them I bet the acid attacks would somewhat cease.



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