Such a great poem!

Hello yet again everyone! There wasn’t that much time that passed between the last blog post I published last night and this one.

Also, it’s finally Friday which means time to relax and unwind… not. I have quite some work I have cut out for me to do over the weekend.

Anyway, today is my Writing Related Fridays and I just wanted to post something I came across a few days ago. It is a video of a poem being read by poet, Kayla Q, and I have to say what a powerful message and intense poem that was! I was so surprised myself. I can sometimes be a little critical when it comes to poetry and writing related work when I start to really get serious. Even more so with my own writing. But she was great, I have to admit.

This was the first time I can say that I have truly experienced someone truly bring out the emotion from their poem that it was almost tangible. I have read and listened to a lot of poems but this was totally different. You could almost, FEEL her confusion, anger, irritation, hurt and at the end of the poem pride when she read. It portrayed perfectfully the things some of us women have to endure in our lives. Wow! Just wow! I was blown away by her poem, yes indeed! Were you as blown away by her poem as I was?

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