Why do people compare homosexuality with pedophilia?

Hello friends. Sorry for the very late post. I was uncertain and almost not going to make a post but decided to anyway. I’m impulsive like that.

Anyway today’s opinionated post is going to be about how so many people are trying to make a link or compare homosexuality to pedophilia. Yes, tell me about it. It’s ridiculous!… For an example of such nonsense take a look at this article written by the Huffington Post.

For a while now ( a few years actually) I have been hearing about this ridiculousness going around, being regurgitated by homophobics and religious people (in power) alike. I cannot believe how these people are so stupid. It is basically comparing apples to pears. They are not the same thing. First of all pedophilia occurs when an adult engages in (usually in a sexual) relation with a minor under 18 years of age. However, not all pedophiles act on their impulses apparently. And of course pedophilia occurs in BOTH heterosexual and homosexual relations. Stop trying to twist things around to your liking whenever you people feel like it!

It makes me sick to my stomach when CONSENTING ADULTS cannot love who they want (excluding children and minors) or have problems expressing their love to whomever they want (again excluding children and minors) because of foolish people.

I now fully support the LGBT community 1000 per cent. Love is love however you look at it! And this is coming from a girl who was raised in the Roman Catholic Church teachings and whose parents are somewhat religious although not overtly. I admit growing up I did not like it either because I was raised and taught not to like it. But when I step back and take a look, these are just normal people who wants also experience companionship/ relationship and love just the same as any heterosexual person.

And to think that some years back interracial relationships and marriages were forbidden and against the law just as homosexuality is now in many parts of the world. Actually, allow interracial relationships are mostly tolerated, still it is not fully accepted by everyone and is looked down upon  in certain parts of the world. It is so sad that other people cannot mind their own business but yet have many skeletons in their closet they would not want others to see, because I could just imagine the judgement they would receive. These same people who are shouting slurs and insults at gays would probably be the same fools who would do the same to interracial couples (back in the day and even to this day).

Do you want to talk about pedophilia? Well, lets talk about how all of those young girls in the past that were pretty much married (sold) off by their families to marry men twice their age or older with status, power and/ or money? Even now this sort of crap is happening everyday where girls and children are trafficked to pleasure perverts  or sold off by their own family into marriage. In many cases the girls dies when she is about to conceive because her body is still not mature enough for that sort of stress on her body. So instead of sitting on your butts always spewing crap about gay this and gay that, try helping the children who really needs the help. What are you waiting for? Girls and boys are kidnapped and sexually molested all of the time by both men and women. Why don’t these same people who cry ‘homosexuals’ also cry out or make a big issue of their sexual orientation when a heterosexual person assaults a child? Why is his sexual orientation not mentioned?

People should stop bothering other grown and consenting adults sexual orientation and worry about themselves. The world would be a much better place if people were not so quick to judge and pass judgement on others who they deem not normal enough according to them and society’s standards. In many ways I am not normal either and why should I be ashamed of that? Whether people are gay/ lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or pan-sexual or whatever, they are not hurting or endangering anyone or causing grief to anyone. So why should you or anyone else care about what they do? They have the right to love and be loved just as much as the next person. And to deny them that is in my opinion more disgusting. You may not be able to agree with homosexuality but you do not have to be insulting.

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