Happy Valentines Day!

Hey there! So, it’s that time of the year again, Valentines Day. Around this time last year I posted a meme on Facebook of an anime character that looked a little sad/ depressed saying “Who cares about Valentines Day, give me chocolate. “Well this year my stance is : “Who cares if it’s Valentines Day and I’m single! I’m still happy and I rock!”

I wish everyone who has a companion and partner or a loved one they can spend their day with, a Happy Valentines Day. Cherish your loved ones, because life is too short and not everyone has a loved one be it a companion, a partner, a parent or a relative they can spend their day with. And for those single people, like myself, do not fret over being single. One day there will be someone who will love and dote on you and only you. That day has just not arrived as yet, but one day it will.

Besides, you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy and enjoy your day be it Valentines Day or any other day for that matter. After all you control your own happiness. I choose to be happy! Because in many ways I am not ready for the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship or having a family etc. If I were in a relationship I would not be able to do a lot of the things as I can do when I’m single. I would have to compromise some things and my time for my partner which I am not ready for as yet. So in many ways right now I’m quite happy I’m single.

But if the day ever comes where I do find someone, I do hope to not only be wanted by them but also needed just like the song below implies. I absolutely love this song! It is so AMAZING! I like it so much that for the past few days I have been having it play on repeat on Spotify.

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