The girl who wanted to be white…

Hey there. It’s finally Friday (well almost early Saturday morning)! Hurray! Well, anyway… Though the year had just started is pretty much already mid-February. Time flies! No kidding. Before we turn around and blink it will be the end of the year again. Gosh!

Anyway, I can imagine that almost everyone knows that the month of February is Black History Month, right?  Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I wanted to share a poem to commemorate that, although it ends somewhat sadly. I believe it also resonates well with my post from yesterday where I wrote that black people should also be proud of their blackness. You have nothing to be ashamed about. You were (and all humans were) made beautifully regardless of what anyone else says and we should stand proud.

Moreover, I wanted to get your take on what would you do if your daughter (or son or grand children) were to ask you if they (and their dark skin) is beautiful? What would you do if you were being told this by your child? Because this sort of thing happens quite often to many young black children where they are taunted and avoided just because for having black or dark skin. I am also talking about a few of my own experiences growing up as a child.

Please take a look at my poem below and I hope you like it. This is the longest poem I think I have ever written thus far. Have a great day! Tah- tah! 🙂

The girl who wanted to be white

The girl who wanted to be white 2


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