We black people should be proud of our blackness too!

Hello friends! How are you all doing? It’s almost Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am! 🙂 I cannot wait for the weekend to get here.

Anyway, today I just wanted to write a brief post and dispel the negativity I have been seeing lately from my mind and chest. Recently, I have been hearing (well actually reading) a lot about of what happened during the Superbowl’s 50 halftime for Beyoncé’s performance. Take a look at the video below.

First of all I am not and have never been a Beyoncé’s fan. Of course, I used to like some of her music back in the day but for the past few years she has just become a little too provocative my tastes and her style of singing changed, so I don’t really like her music anymore. However, I don’t dislike her. I do like how she is all about empowering girls and young women.

Anyway, after watching the video and reading her song lyrics I do not know why people are so up in arm about this song? In my opinion, she is just simply accepting and embracing her blackness. Is that such a problem? Is that so wrong? And if it is, why? Tell me one good reason why it is that so bad? And please do not give me that same old shouted rhetoric about how this is racism and if Taylor Swift (or any other white artist) were to make a song about loving their whiteness that it would become a problem. I’m tired of hearing that same rhetoric over and over again. Find another excuse. Besides, even if someone did make such a song I wouldn’t really care to be honest. Besides,  I only listen to Asian (Japanese and Korean) music nowadays anyway.

I’ve seen a lot of black people who do not like their own darkness and who try their best to become ‘lighter’or ‘whiter’. Now isn’t that sad? So having her come and sing a song about how she accepts herself and how she ‘slays’ regardless, is refreshing. And having people getting angry about something like that is ridiculous and more racist in my honest opinion. Nowhere in her lyrics did she say anything about white people nor did she make any racial slurs and comments which has been done with regards to black people (especially those working in the entertainment industry).

Too many times I come across some (black) people who are so ashamed of their blackness and refuse to embrace it because of constant systematic and subtle racism from others. They are so ashamed that they straighten their natural hair and use lightening creams to become fairer and some also go as far as to get surgery to make their nose and mouth smaller.

Before leaving Saba I did not know how bad racism was out there. Now do not get me wrong. I always knew it was there but I always thought that it was getting better. But the more I read and watch the more I am seeing every day that this is not the case. And it seriously angers me when people come with their ignorance or stupidity and say that racism does not exist anymore. That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. Honey… It still exists. Don’t fool yourselves.

For example did you know that black people with ‘black sounding names’ have an even less likely chance of getting employed? (what is in a name anyway? It is just that, for goodness sakes. A name!) Or even if they do get the chance of being interviewed (probably because their name wasn’t ‘black sounding’ enough) they also have a less than likely chance of being called back compared to a none black person? However, now because of the Islam phobia that has arisen in the past few years, I can imagine, the same is happening to Muslims. They too could have a problem finding suitable jobs etc. because of their Muslim sounding names or because they look “too Muslim” if you know what I mean.

Anyway, in this world where ‘white or light is right’, some black people have come to dislike their own kind. In many cases it is especially with regards to black men. Furthermore, I was also told by a few of my friends why don’t I straighten my hair because it would look better. Why? What was wrong with my natural hair? Why should I straighten it if I do not want to? I like my hair just as it is thank you very much.

Anyway, take a look at this other video and ask yourself what is wrong with a someone celebrating her blackness/ darkness despite the negativity they get from others.

See that? She won the crown fair and square but because people (even black people like herself) thought she was too black to deserve the crown. Therefore, her crown was taken. And that same organisation that took her crown have the gall to respond that they do not judge based on race but on talent, skill and dancing ability blah blah blah… We all know that is a load of crap. We all know the real reason why her crown was taken. And this kind of racism does not only happen in America (as many people tend to believe) or Brazil! This happens all over the world whether we want to acknowledge it or not. So tell me again why is this song of Beyonce’s is so wrong of her trying to embrace herself despite everything else?


2 thoughts on “We black people should be proud of our blackness too!

  1. Totally agree. People do see it but they just don’t want to accept it. As for the complains, it’s like complaining because some celebrates their culture. If you don’t like, don’t share it. Women celebrate their feminity and men their masculinity everytime, it is not meant to exclude or offend anyone, but to reaffirm those who feel weak and need some motivation and acknowledge their value. And no, it would not be the same if Taylor did the same, since white pride has being forced on everybody else in that country as a means to justify oppression and perpetuate hatred and discrimination towards non-European residents. That’s the same reason the word negro has bad connotation for some people, because of its historical implications.

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