Spiral of Silence Syndrome

Konnichiwa tomodachi! (Hello friends!) Today is yet another late minute post 😛 Are you ready to go on another opinionated Wednesday journey? Well hop on board! This week I wanted to talk about a video I came across just last week. It is about a dog who’s face was almost completely eaten away by maggots because of some fool who probably did not want to take of him anymore and abandoned him. Thankfully the animal shelter saved his life.

Anyway, I am going to warn you from now that what you are about to see is a bit… repulsive and graphic. So, if you cannot stomach looking at disgusting things such as maggots, gore and rotting flesh etc. please do not watch this video. You have been warned! For those of you who can stomach such things please go ahead and take a look at this video. 

When I saw this video I was so heartbroken for the poor animal I wanted to cry for the poor thing. it seriously angers me to no end why people are so cruel! If you do not have any plans or true interest in taking care of something then why did you take it in the first place?

Some of you may say that the dog went away on his own to die in that hole but how did his face come to the state it was in in the first place? Did his face merely become like this all on its own? I do not buy that. Something was done to that dog to get that dog’s face infested with maggots like that. He was abandoned and left to fend for himself that he crawled in that hole and waited to die. What was done to him I guess we will never know, but I do believe something was done to him. A face does not merely get infest with maggots and rot away, just to rot if he did not have any problems wrong with him… Or in my honest opinion he definitely would not have been able to ‘grow a new face’ if there were really a problem with him.

Anyway, what I would like to address today is what I like to call the Spiral of Silence Syndrome. Although I do not now if there is actually such syndrome but whatever.

Spiral of silence is the term meant to refer to the tendency of people who remain silent when they feel that their views are in opposition to the majority view on a subject. The theory posits that they remain silent for a few reasons:

  1. Fear of isolation when the group or public realizes that the individual has a divergent opinion from the status quo.
  2. Fear of reprisal or more extreme isolation, in the sense that voicing said opinion might lead to a negative consequence beyond that of mere isolation (loss of a job, status, etc.)

However, in this case it is not the majority opinion that is causing the spiral of silence but the circumstances, the situations. For more information on the Spiral of Silence you can read up more on it here on this mass communication theory website.

I am almost certain that this dog once had an owner. But what concerns me is why did the neighbours or the people around the said owner, allowed it to get to the point where the dog’s face was rotting away and became infested with maggots? Why did no one do anything before to help the poor animal before it got to that grave point?

Another case I came across in the past few weeks is an incident where a puppy was beaten daily and no one did a damn thing to help the poor suffering animal. People turned their heads away from the problem because they were ‘scared’ of the man. Actually, the guy who was abusing this poor defenseless puppy was not even the owner. His girlfriend owned the dog but yet he inflicted pain on the poor animal for his own enjoyment while the girlfriend did nothing!

Although a petition was made to arrest and incarcerate the abuser he has yet to be. It is so funny how we humans work. Imagine if a dog ( or any other animal) were to maul or injure another human like this what would happen to that animal? He would be put down no questions asked. However, when a fellow human does this to a defenseless animal half of the time nothing is done to them.

When the police got involved because the puppy obviously died from all of that abuse, the only thing the neighbours could say when they were asked why they did nothing when they heard the puppy’s cries was that they were ‘scared’ of the boyfriend.  Oh, but they felt bad for the puppy and wished it did not suffer the way it did… Don’t give me that pretentious load of crap nonsense, now when it is too late to do anything for that puppy! You left the puppy to die! By doing nothing it is the same as killing that puppy yourself! I wonder what they would have done if instead of a puppy it was a human child that was being abused like that? Would they have also kept their mouth’s shut because they were so scared of the boyfriend? I think most of us know the answer to that question already… This is the kind of world we live in.

People nowadays do not care about anything about themselves. If it does not benefit them in any way possible, people will not give a damn. People like that will not speak out if they see something inhumane and horrible being done to someone (or something) else only unless: 1. It benefits them, 2. Someone else speaks up first about the in-humaneness or 3. They have someone backing them up before they voice their disgust. People like that disgust me the most.

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