Where are you REALLY from?

Hello everyone. It is Wednesday again and that means another dose of my opinion. Sorry (not!) 🙂 Anyway I hope you have enjoyed your day so far. On my end the day is almost over but oh well.

Anyway, today I came across a comic image of an Australian person asking someone of another race where they came from. When the person answers, the questioner is not satisfied with his answer apparently and asks him again. However, when the question is asked to them they look surprised and shocked (Or is that anger? I am not sure…) Take a look at the comic strip below.


If you have experienced such treatment by others then WELCOME to the world of assumptions and ignorance based on skin colour.

Another video was made regarding this same matter. Yet people tend to still not believe that it happens or to get over it or to not stoop to their level of thinking for example. But why should people feeling insulted by this questioning must just let it go? We have the RIGHT to be annoyed and irritated. If you have the right to ask a question or state your opinion then I also have the right to get offended by it and say something about it! If someone answers your question the first time do not ask them a second or third time. They do not owe you an explanation of their cultural and ancestral background to a person they just met on the side of the road to satisfy your assumptions and put them in box!

Some people sometimes go through being asking these barrage of questions about their “real” country of origin.  This happens to them on a daily or weekly basis. Do you know how ANNOYING that gets sometimes?

Do you know how many times I have been asked if I am an African by not only white people but others? Though I am not African I have been asked this question too many times to mention (although I do not even have an African accent). As if black people only come from Africa when in fact black people and everyone can come from all over the world. It is so annoying sometimes when I am asked these kind of questions every time. The fact of them asking me where I am from is not the problem at all. The problem of the matter is when it is always assumed that because of the colour of your skin or facial features you MUST be from this and this place (and the connotations they give off when asking these questions) . Some people do not even sometimes give you the chance to give your answer before they fire away a possibility of countries and heritages you could be from.

Yes, sometimes I know people can just be curious creatures and not mean anything by it but being asked this question so often can become so grating that you want to grind your teeth every time you are being classified by people you don’t know.

Furthermore if you are going to ask someone where they are from do not ask them and then disbelieve them when they give you a response that does not fit your assumptions and beliefs of what that person mighor migtht not be.

I personally am from the Caribbean where it is a melting pot of people of different races and cultures. And yes there are a good number of white, Indian, Asian and other people that live there too. Not only black which is what is most people assume.

I have also heard a good bit from my white and mixed friends of them being asked by others where they were from as well. They got completely different responses from when I am being asked. With me it is always if I am from Africa. However for my white friend she said she has been asked and mistaken for being Polish, Dutch German and a whole list of other things when in fact she was born and raised in the Caribbean, on the same island as myself. Yet people refuse to believe that a girl as lily white as her (not to mention with blonde hair and blue eyes, mind you)  could ever come from there. After all “black people only live there”. It is more believable if I am from the Caribbean than she is. So this assumption and ignorance goes both ways.

The same goes for my mixed friend. She has been asked and mistaken for being Spanish and Turkish etc. many times but never from the Caribbean or African. People are also so shocked when they are told that their assumptions were wrong. THEY want to CORRECT YOU about your country of origin or what you are. As if they know about you better than you know yourself! Now how disrespectful is that!?

Not forgetting the Japanese girl who won the Ms. Japan crown and was berated for it because she was not considered “Japanese” enough by others. Even though she grew up there all of her life, speaks the language fluently, only knows the Japanese culture (since she did grew up there) and went to school in Japan. However she was not Japanese enough?… This world is so warped by people’s ignorant assumptions that you get critised for what you are and only the life you know. Now how messed up is that. Can we not just assume since assumptions tend to not always be correct and just accept the things that you don’t understand? Is that so hard for people to do? Apparently, it is for some.

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