The Perks of Having a Little Sister

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday! My favourite day of the week. Sorry I was unable to make a post yesterday because I was a little tired and fell asleep. So today I’m making up for it with this post. Also, today I have been busy packing my stuff and relocating to a new place and that is my reason for posting late. Sorry for the late post and hope you still enjoy this post nonetheless.

I wanted to post the partial first chapter of a third novel idea I was working on some time back and still am working on. It is about an older teenage sister who hates her adored and coddled little sister. This is because of how much attention her baby sister is showered with and how she is not given any personal space to focus on herself and hang out with her friends etc. because of it. Until her little sister develops an illness that the medical doctors cannot pinpoint what exactly it is and this illness has her frequenting the hospital and on the edge between life and death. I hope you enjoy the first chapter of The Perks of Having a Little Sister.

Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

My name is Anna Marie. I am a sixteen year old girl. I am a junior at my High School and I  have a younger brother and a baby sister.  My little sister who is a little devil that everyone adores. She drives me absolutely crazy that I cannot stand her. Everyone hovers over her like she is some delicate ornament and I am never left alone in peace and have no personal time for myself because i have to always look after her. Like I am some guard. For Christ’s sake i am not my sister’s keeper. I think she should be old enough to take care of herself.

I wrote these words in my one and only new diary that i bought not too long ago from a cheap book store when suddenly my mother called out to me from the kitchen.

“ Anna, can you come downstairs and watch some Tv with your sister while I go to the store real quick?” My mother shouted out to me.

“ But i don’t want to! Why can’t she watch Tv on her own? I think she’s old enough to do that much without getting herself in trouble.” Ï bellowed back from inside my closed bedroom.

“ Anna Marie! Don’t make me ask you again to come down. What are you doing upstairs that you can’t watch your sister when I am not home? Huh? Do I have to do everything around here in this house when I have a grown teenage daughter who does not want to do anything but lock herself in her room,” my mother answered furious, obviously annoyed with my reply.

“Okay fine! I’m coming down. So please stop nagging me! Gosh!”

See what I mean! Everything is about Jenna, Jenna, Jenna! I’m sick and tired of this crap. Now I’ll have to leave you while i go look after Jenna, the little princess. Watch Tv with my sister? What do i look like? Like a child or something? I’m already frickin sixteen years old! Why can’t my parents get that through their head. But anyway I better get going before my mother gets a fit for not getting out of my room fast enough.

I climbed out of my comfortable yet cluttered twin sized bed, dug under my bed for my house slippers and left my room to go downstairs to watch cartoons with my baby sister. Oh, Yay! I thought sarcastically to myself. As i climbed down the stairs i saw my mother waiting at the doorway of our living room almost ready to leave the house to go on her shopping errands.

“ Hmm, you’ve finally made it downstairs… Anyways, I am going to the store at the corner of the block and I’ll try to return as quickly as I can.”

“ Yes, yes. Whatever.” I mumbled as I scowled.

She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek just before ducking out of the house.

I went to our big brown couch where my little sister was sitting watching the Disney ‘ Princess and the Frog’  movie.

“ Anna Banana. You came to watch tv with me?” my little sister asked as she looked away from the tv.

“ Stop calling me that! And I’m here not because I want to. It’s just until Ma comes back.”

“ Don’t you like me? Your adorable, cute li’l sister..”  

“ No i don’t. In fact, I think you’re annoying.”

“ You meanie! I’m gonna tell mama.” She said pouting out her cheeks.

“ Go ahead. You big crybaby” I retorted as I  made crying motions with my hands.

“ Hmph, stupid Anna Banana” she said cheeks still pouting as she spun back around towards the tv.

We sat there in silence the remainder of the time until ma returned from her shopping errands. This was a constant thing with us. We were only good at arguing with each other. That was pretty much as far as our sisterly ‘love’ went.

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