Breastfeeding vs. Being Sexy in Public

Goede Avond iedereen, good evening everyone! How has your week been so far? I do hope fine. Well, today is another Wednesday and therefore means another opinionated post.

Anyway, I came across a video while scrolling down on my news feed on Facebook. In this video a social experiment done with regards to women breastfeeding verses a women dressing scantly and revealing some boob. Who would have thought that the simple act of breast feeding could get so many people riled up compared to dressing scantily? It is so ridiculous  that I have to laugh at how dumb some people are. Take a look at the video below.

People are acting like breastfeeding is so unnatural and disgusting when I’m pretty sure the majority of us has been breastfed as babies whenever we were hungry. Yet total strangers have the gall to comment on a woman doing the simple act of breastfeeding her hungry child. When you’re hungry don’t you eat? That is exactly what the baby is doing. What is so disgusting about that? if you do not like what you see then do not look! It’s very simple. Turn your ahead away and keep your disrespectful mouth shut! No one gives a rat’s a** if you feel disgusted. It’s amazing how bold some people can be when they think they are not being watched and recorded.

I bet a lot of those men (and a lot of other people who say breastfeeding is disgusting) would happily suck on the model’s breast if they were given the chance. So why is feeding your child such a crime? Does it make you squirm to realise that a woman’s breast has a purpose which is breastfeeding her child instead of being fondled? Does that knowledge make you uncomfortable? On YouTube someone asked a very interesting (rhetorical) question. His question was how would people react if the sexy model was the one doing the breastfeeding. I am curious to know as well. Would they still find her sexy or would they still be disgusted.

From reading the YouTube comments a lot of people suspect that this video is fake but even if it is fake things like this happen all the time to breastfeeding women. Society always feel the need to police women’s bodies for some reason. You can’t do this, you can’t do that yadda, yadda. Women’s bodies has become so sexualised that it is not even funny. For example if a woman gets raped the majority of the time you will here commenting about how she was dressed and what she did to get raped. I do not remember ever hearing people question I wonder what he was wearing if a man gets raped. Every time I read the news I feel like society is going backwards instead of forward. Yes, we have all this technology and have come a long way to how we used to be but our mentality is still backwards.


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