HOW DARE Obama cry for those murdered children!

Hello all you lovely people! Konnichiha. Happy Thursday to you!

Anyway, I wanted to apologise for not posting anything yesterday. I was so preoccupied with personal things I was unable to write anything. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about a Huffington Post news article I came across last week that somewhat annoyed me. Obama was giving a speech about gun control and his plans to not ban guns but preventing gun violence by implementing certain  measures and requirements.

Anyway, during his speech he mentioned a few incidence where guns were the cause of many deaths in America in public places such as schools and kindergartens etc. Then, he briefly speaks about an incident that occurred in 2012 where 20 children, who were mostly under the age of 5, were shot and killed by a gunman at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. After briefly speaking about the incident he sheds a few tears and once Fox News and the Republican party saw that everyone went crazy and went in for the kill. HOW DARE Obama cry for those little 5 year old children shot and killed and not for the St. Bernadine and Paris Attacks! HE SHOULD BE CRUCIFIED! Take a look at the video below (skip video to 1.32).

After watching this video I never felt so disgusted by people before and part of me wanted to puke at their blatant hate for Obama and not because he mentioned the deaths of 5 year old children. Hearing what they said just disgusts me. Do you mean to tell me that you would not cry for such innocent little children that barely know what’s going on and haven’t even truly experienced life as yet? What kind of humans are these people? Are they even human at all? I doubt it, because even though I do not know these children and they are not mine just imagining a bullet piercing their little fragile bodies makes even me want to cry. Not to mention some of them were shot multiple times until they died. That is just a horrible way for a child so young to die.

One person even went as far as to say to say that he must have had an onion by the podium to make himself cry. He must have made some damn fast hand movements to get to that onion. Apparently, it is too inconceivable for someone to feel sad and cry for a young children who are murdered. Oh no wait! Now I get it… The gunman isn’t Muslim or black! After all what they really got heated about is the fact that he didn’t cry for the people who were killed by Muslims. After all they are the terrorists, right? If the gunman is not Muslim, killing people for his religion or a black guy who is always considered a thug, drug dealer and lowlife, according to Faux News, then all is well with the world. Do you notice that they mentioned the incidents that pushed their own agenda about those crazy, terrorist Muslims. They mentioned so passionately that Obama did not cry for the Paris and St. Bernadine attacks but they didn’t even mention anything about the Beruit attack that occurred a day before the Paris attack, now did they? Of course not, because that would go all against their ‘Muslims are evil terrorists and are after Americans/ the west’ agenda.

Sure the Paris attack and the St. Bernadine incidents were both sad but are you seriously comparing them with the deaths of children barely the age of 5 being shot down in their own elementary school? Please go and dig yourself in a hole. That is why so many people do not take Fox News and the Republican party seriously anymore. They are imbeciles.


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