Today marks my 1st year Anniversary!…

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!! 😀 How was everyone’s week? Yet another week that just flew by so quickly without a second glance.

I have to say I am especially happy today. Do you perhaps know what it is that is making me happy? Can you guess? No it’s not because it’s Friday. Though, that’s also part of the reason. Well,… today, January 8th, makes exactly a year since I published my first mini poetry book I’m Only Human!! So my book has been out on the market for a year already! Oh my, how time flies! So, now you know why I’m so happy (>///<) just like these minions.


So in honour of it being my first poetry book’s first anniversary I will also share another poem with you all taken from nowhere else but my own my poetry book. Don’t forget to please help support my work by buying a copy of it on basically any online book store. As far as I know it is available in almost every major online bookstore. I hope you enjoy it. This is one of my favourite poems.

come hither.PNG

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