How can someone be this stupid!?

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday! Almost the end of the week! Half way there anyway! How are you all? I am doing alright. I have been watching an anime (Noragami Aragoto) for a few hours today because I have not been watching anime back to back to back to back for quite some time. That is because I have gotten more into reading manga (Japanese comics). I should probably get back into it since it has been a while.

Anyway, today I would like to talk about a news story I came across just yesterday. It is about a woman who had won 188 Million dollars  (88 Million after taxes. That’s kind of a rip off! How does the tax office get more money than the winner? Did they help pay for the ticket? I don’t think so! *rolls eyes*) playing Powerball last year and what she does with the money is what you probably would not expect from someone who has won that amount of money. Do you know what she does? Take a guess? She blows it off on bailing out her good-for-nothing live in boyfriend out of jail. Not to mention every time she bails him out the price of the bail doubles in amount.

I have seen a lot of stupidity but this level of stupidity I have not seen before. How?!!!! Why?!!! Why would she do something like squandering her well won money on someone like him?! Instead of her to invest that money in something like, I don’t know, maybe building her own home, starting up a business or for her future/ current children’s education. But no, instead she squander it on a dead beat guy like him. To which I doubt even cares for her or he would not be doing crap like this! Not to mention four times.

I cannot respect anyone who squanders their money like this when other people all over the world are struggling to survive to make ends meet and she blows it off on a man who always ends up behind bars every tick of the clock? I doubt he even respects her himself or he would have tried to clean up his act. Well, why clean up his act when he’s got a fool of a woman always bailing him out of prison?… Might as well continue using her until her money runs out and see who is going to bail him out then. He gets sent to jail not once, not twice, not even three but four times and she still has not learned her lesson yet?! There’s a saying ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’. She has been fooled more than just once or twice or even three times. Yet she still tries to cling to a man who in my eyes does not respect her and is only using her for her money and what he can get out of her. Once he is done using her he could just as easily throw her away.

I have a serious question to ask. Why do some women decide to stay with such men? She could find herself a better man who SUPPORTS, RESPECTS and CARES for her, however, instead she decides to cling this bastard. I just do not understand! And then some women have the gall to complain that there are no good men out there. There ARE some good men still out there you just have to be willing to wait for them and at least meet them half way. But nooo! some women decide to go with complete and utter douche-bags. It seriously angers me to no end! How many times have good men been turned down by women because they were too nice or for some other ridiculous excuse because some women just want and like bad boys. They apparently like the thrill. Until they get hurt and they later want to cry and complain about all of their problems. It seriously baffles me!

I apologise for my rambling until now. I have got that out of my system now, so I wish you all a nice day. For the source article you can find it here.

3 thoughts on “How can someone be this stupid!?

    • I agree. It’s kind of shameful though. All that money being spent foolishly. And I’m not even saying she should not enjoy herself with the money she has won. But serious?… Spend it on bailing he boyfriend out of jail 4 times? Why do foolish people are mostly blessed with money instead of the ones more deserving? *sigh*


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