I’ve REALLY started to love K-pop music…

Hello everyone. Did you enjoy your New Years Day on Friday? I enjoyed it with a friend of mine. We went to a Dutch equivalent to Disney World known as the Efteling. We spent practically the entire day there and this all happens after celebrating New Years the night before with our friends/ family and only functioning on 2.5 to 5 hours sleep. 😀 So you can imagine how haggard and tired we were. I hope you all had just as much fun.

Anyway, I wanted to write about my love and admiration for K-pop music. K-pop is so upbeat most of the time. I absolutely love it. I started getting into K-pop about a year and a half ago. Maybe even almost 2 years, if I’m truly honest.

However, nowadays I find myself getting more and more into it. Last month alone I listened to nothing but K-pop music. No kidding! Every single day (and sometimes night) I would listen to K-pop. When I first started to like K-pop it all began with the Korean boy band Big Bang and solo artist Taeyang (who also happens to be a member of the Big Bang group). I would MOSTLY only listen to their music although occasionally I would listen to other bands such as Girls Generation and 2NE1 etc.

Some of the Big Bang songs I love are some of their old music such as Sunset Glow which in my opinion they seemed to be still innocent, lol.

I like their song Koewokikasete and realised they were singing it in Japanese. That made me love it even more. I’ve noticed a lot of Korean artists would sometime sing in other langauges other than their mother tongue such as in English and Japanese.

Other songs I enjoy from the Big Bang group are their most recent songs such as their song Bae Bae,

and their other song Zutter (watching these video alone are already entertaining, lol),

Lately, though, I have  been also listening to a lot of other bands as well such as Super Junior, EXO and Beast etc.

I love a lot of Super Junior’s music although I just recently found out about them. Some of my favourite songs from them are Beautiful Girls (The video below is not their actual music video),

…their song Mamacita which first introduced me to the Super Junior’s,

and Some Day which is one of their slower beat songs.

All in all, I have grown to really appreciate Korean music. And though I do not know what they are singing most of the time, save for the subtitles on their music video, I just have to say it is beautiful! After all music is supposed to be enjoyed and touch your soul regardless if it’s in your mother tongue or if you understand what they are saying or not.

Does anyone else here enjoy K-pop?

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