Merry Christmas everyone and here’s a poem from me to you…

Hello everyone. It is Friday again and also Christmas. I hope you are enjoying your day to the fullest today! My day has been quietly hanging out and relaxing with family while eating and watching movies on the television, lol. I also spoke with my parents on Skype for the first time during the holiday season since coming to the Netherlands because we always spoke on the phone. So, it was nice being able to see them this time around. 🙂

I just wanted to say that though the year 2015 may have not been the best year for everyone, life is still as beautiful at the end of the day because of the simple fact that we are alive to see it and get the chance to hopefully see a better tomorrow.  

(Some of us) have friends and loved ones that have helped and supported us when we needed them the most and we have goals that we want to achieve in life whatever they may be. As we move towards the end of the year and into a new one, I hope for a better tomorrow for everyone and hope that they have the continued support of their family and friends that has pushed them forward up until now.

I hope we can look back at the past year with some fondness because 2015 (and all of the other past years) we’ve seen thus far will not come again.  So, I hope that we can to a certain extent say that we had a good year and if not work towards having a better one next year. Wish everyone, near and far, a blessed and happy Merry Christmas!

Life is a beautiful thing poem

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