My computer is not really working at this moment in time

Hello my blog followers and fans. I am sorry to say but my computer has been acting up these last few days and I’m not sure what to do with it.

Actually I set it back to factory default but it seems like the problem still persists: I cannot go on the internet . The other times I have set my (other) computers back on factory default the problem would be gone. However, for some reason it seems not to be working this time. (Sigh) So, I’m just writing this short post to let everyone know that if I don’t post anything for the next few days or in the next week or so, it’s because I am still not able to use my computer. Or if someone here know’s how to fix this problem then please help a girl out and tell me. Pretty please…

I do have a tablet but I do not like writing my blog posts on it. I’d rather be on my computer and there are certain things you just cannot do on a tablet. So sorry guys and be a little patient with me. Take care.

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