Today is Saba Day!

Hello everyone! TGIF. I hope you are having a great Friday wherever part of the world you may be. Today is going to be a little short and brief. I just wanted to say that today is my island’s national holiday although the day is almost over on this side of the world.

Every first Friday of December we Sabans celebrate Saba Day. It is our holiday and we have the day off, although I didn’t because I am living in the Netherlands and also was at my internship at Spotzer Media today. 😥

Not to mention in the past on Saba Day, other Sabans also living in the Netherlands would come and celebrate it together, but not this year. It was a little sad, but well, at least I went to a Japanese restaurant (went to Wagamama again 🙂 ) and ate some delicious food to commemorate the occasion. 

Now I’m sipping on some Martini at home and just enjoying the last few minutes of my day quietly. It was a nice day today and I enjoyed it the best way I know how, so what more  can I ask for? All I can say is that I wish all of my fellow Saban’s wherever in the world you may be, near or far, a Happy Saba Day!

Well, since this post is somewhat short I’ll just bombard you with some pictures of Saba and a video to make up for it! 😉

Saba 4

Saba 1

Saba 2

Saba 3

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