I was invited to attend the Dutch Caribbean Book Club

Hello everyone! Once again it is Friday! And as much as I would just absolutely love to sleep and spend the whole day in my bed for the weekend, it won’t go the way as I want it to this time around. That is due to having to do school assignments, my internship duties which I didn’t get the chance to complete them all today (although I stayed pretty late in the office trying to complete some of it) as well as an event that I was invited to attend for tomorrow afternoon… So I’ll be quite preoccupied to say the least.

Anyway, the event that I was invited to attend and that I agreed to willing is called the Dutch Caribbean Book Club. This is, you can call, somewhat of a compensation for not getting the chance to promote my poetry book, I’m Only Human, because of some unforeseen circumstances some weeks back during the DC Pearls event that I was nominated for.

Anyway, I was asked if I wanted to attend this event to which I agreed because the more my poetry book gets promoted the better. I refuse to let my work, my baby have a silent death or even die at all if I can help it. My work, my writing is my pride. So I refuse to let it die.

For the event I’ll have the chance to showcase my work to the attendees and read two or three poems from out of my poetry book. I have yet to decide which of my best poems I want to read. Now, I would like your opinion. From the few poems I have shared with you all on my blog most of which were taken from my poetry book, which 2 poems did you like or enjoy best?


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