Lost at Sea.

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again and another eek of my Opinion Wednesdays. We are also halfway through the week again, thank Goodness! I can do with some more sleep 😛

Anyway, I wanted to  ask how many of you have heard of the man who was lost at seas for 14 months? I came across a news article some weeks back that talked about a man called José Salvador Alvarenga, who disappeared off the coast of Mexico after going to fish with one other companion, on his small fishing boat. Then weather turned for the worse. I am not sure how he withstood being alone for so long without going half crazy, but he did. This guy had drifted on his boat for 438 days while catching birds, fish and turtles with his bare hands and eating them raw.

Now that is what I call having a considerably strong mind, will power and survival instincts. Nowadays if a regular person were to get stranded in the wilderness (much less the ocean) they would most likely immediately die because I guess you can say we have become so completely civilised that most of us have forgotten our survival instincts. We no longer know how to survive in the environment around us without the assistance of technology etc. We’ve gotten so used to and dependent on this comfortable life of ours that when we have to depend on our own strengths we can’t.

I admit, I even would not last long in the wilderness all on my own and worse yet on water. I’m actually deathly afraid of getting stranded in the ocean in the middle of nowhere. I do not mind being alone because I actually prefer being by myself at least 85% of the time. However, even I get lonely sometimes, especially when I don’t get to speak to my family. My parents are my life. I don’t know what I would do if I could not see or speak to them for such a long period of time. I can just imagine how lonely he must have felt practically living at the edge of deaths door.

His companion, unfortunately, did not make it because it seemed like he became so depressed that he lost all hope in his mind and spirit and so his body also followed suit until he died. I believe if your mind and will has been broken or you have given up all hope, then  it is the end for anybody.  It is such a pity and a sad thing, especially for his mother. Jose even recalled talking to the dead corpse of his companion after his passing before realising that he was talking to a dead body. I would not call him crazy because I talk to myself all the time (or pretend to talk to someone who isn’t there) but it doesn’t mean I am crazy, it’s just me talking out loud mostly. What he was feeling was grief that he lost the only person who understood what he was going through and a companion. That would get to any body, I think.

I just wonder how his family must have felt after not hearing about him for so long and then finally reuniting with him again after 14 months. It must have come as a surprise to them. I say this because how often do you hear of people surviving and being found after getting lost at sea? Actually, very rarely.

Anyway, I would like to hear some of your thoughts. What would you do if you were placed in that same situation?

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