Michiko to Hatchin is a must watch anime!

Hello everyone! Just as slowly the weekend came, the same way it left… Not! It went way too quickly to be enjoyed properly! (Sign) Anyway as short as it was I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. I enjoyed it sleeping 😀

Anyway, I haven’t posted on Sundays in a while but today is my Things that I love and/ or What I’m doing with my life Sundays. Today I would like to talk about the latter, Things that I love, one of which is anime.

Last week after scrolling through my Facebook news feed I came across a clip of Michiko to Hatchin, that was posted in an Anime group, which piqued my interest. It is such a … I don’t want to say the word bad-ass, but it was very bad-ass! I loved every minute of that anime. Besides being bad-ass it was also sweet and realistic (although it was notalways realistic). This anime is marked as a josei, adventure and action. Josei genre meaning that it is usually created by women and aimed to a demographic audience of young adults and older women and includes mature content.

Anyway, This anime is basically about a hotblooded and sexy woman who comes to save a girl named Hana (who she later dubs Hatchin) from her cruel foster home. This foster home was supposed to ‘take care’ of her but instead she seems to be the one taking care of them! Her foster parents only took her in so they could receive the child support money they get from having her. They did not care about her in the least. They treated her like a slave and to top it off, their children treated her so badly as if she was nothing but an animal they can do as they pleased with. I swear when I saw how they treated her I was seething with anger. When she finally stands up for herself I was so very ecstatic, although I wish she did some more mean things to that snot nose girl (and brother) considering how horribly that girl treated her.

Anyway, she gets rescued by this lady who just breaks out of jail, becomes a fugitive running away from the police and they go on various adventures together trying to look for Hatchin’s father and encountering many dangerous people and situations. However, in the end they always pulled through, whatever situation they were in, together.

Later in the series you notice how Michiko and Hatchin’s bond starts to grow but that does not exclude the fact that they were always arguing and fighting with each other at the beginning. They were fighting like cats and dogs. However, as you go along you notice how close they start to become, that you would say that they even became like mother and daughter. Many people they encountered  even thought they were mother and daughter on a several occasions. Furthermore, young and innocent Hatchin for the first time in her life also encounters love. It was so adorable I almost cried, lol.

It has been a while since I watched an anime I was so happy with that I would recommend. If I had to rate Michiko to Hachin, I would rate it as a 9/10 because it was great! I very seldom rate anime with a 9 out of 10, so when I do it means that it was fantastic! I’m still very surprised, though, that it is not popular or not recognised enough!

so if you are an anime fan like I am and have no clue what your next anime series is going to be, try this one out. If the first episode does not grab your attention and get you interested then I don’t know what will!


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