Hypocrisy at its Best

Hello everyone! How are you all? I do hope fine. I am doing well. I just cannot take the hypocrisy of this world. Are you wondering hat I am talking about?

Well, as I can imagine everyone, all over the world, is aware of the infamous Paris attack that occurred in the evening of last week Friday. It is quite a tragedy and I am sad for the innocent people that died that day and their loved ones that were left behind after their deaths because of some despicable individuals and ISIS. No person deserves to be killed in that manner no matter if it were in Paris or if it were in an other country.

Furthermore, since the attack, every newspaper and news station have been doing daily broad-castings on the happenings in France. Facebook even got involved by allowing people to show their support by (temporarily) implementing a function to change one’s profile picture to the French flag.

That is all good and fine but how many of you knew of the Beirut bombing that occurred a day before the Paris attack that took the lives of 44 people and injured over 200? Or have you heard anything of the man who threw himself on the second suicide bomber causing it to detonate early saving the lives of the people there? Did he get much recognition? Now, be honest… I have read many comments of people who have not even heard of the massacre that occurred earlier this year in Nigeria that took the lives of approximately 2000 individuals because around that time Paris also had their Charlie Hebdo shooting. So, I would not be surprised anymore if you did not know of this attack in Beirut because the media has been doing a heck of a good job with overshadowing it by going on and on about the Paris attack while Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Syria (refugees are trying to flee from their countries to save their own lives as well as their families) are killed every day without anyone giving a damn. However, the attack on Paris has everyone in a disarray. Also, there was no Facebook function making it possible to change one’s profile picture to the Beirut’s national flag either. On Monday afternoon at 12 o’clock pm, while all over Europe had a moment of silence for Parisian victims, did anyone’s thoughts ever crossed on remembering the victims of the Beirut attack?

In addition, the media is continuously spreading propaganda and pushing their own agendas by insinuating that the Muslim people and their religion are the problem. No! No, The problem is not that Muslim people and their religion. The problem lies with ISIS and other extremist groups that are using their Islam faith, in the name of Allah and the Qur’an, to push their own twisted agenda of violence. Why do we not tackle this problem instead of putting blame on the entire Muslim population and their faith just like the CNN news anchors were trying to do in the video below.

Don’t forget that in the past we were all once savage beasts (and many still are even now) and many religions also used this same method to attain followers and believers. How many people have died during the Crusades I wonder, when Christians were going around killing people who did not believe in their faith or refused to follow the christian religion? Have we ever sat down to think about that? No! Because we are all too busy blaming each other instead of trying to help one another.

That’s why I believe their will never be no such thing as peace in this world. I can already foresee, the way how things are going now, that it is very likely we will have a World War 3 on our hands. I desperately hope that I am wrong because let’s be honest: who wants to live in that kind of hell of going into war?

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy at its Best

  1. I love your final point, which is that we should be helping each other. I am learning about Nigeria now. I think we’re all in a space to think about the war and strife taking place all over the world. I wish our attention could be drawn to each issue without the screaming.


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